I have been seriously making hobby indie games since 2009 when I started working with a few co-workers after hours using XNA. I was part of two releases for Xbox 360 (DevilSong and XenoMiner). After those games I moved into LibGDX using Java. Since then I have tried to compete in all of the Ludum Dares. I have also released one LibGDX game on Android and iOS (PixArt).


You can play a very outdated web version here. The web version is an early version of the game. To get the full experience you should download the game on Android Get it on Google Play

Ludum Dare - 72 hour game jams

Ludum Dare 42

Theme: Running out of Space
Kingdoms Fall

Ludum Dare 41

Theme: Combine two incomaptible genres
Putt Putt Boom

Ludum Dare 40

Theme: The more you have the worse it is

Ludum Dare 39

Theme: Running out of Power
Musk Hunter

Ludum Dare 38

Theme: A Small World
Higher Ground

Ludum Dare 37

Theme: One Room
What we carry with us

Ludum Dare 36

Theme: Ancient Technology

Ludum Dare 35

Theme: Shapeshift
Shift 'n Drift

Ludum Dare 34

Theme: Growing
Pyramid Scheme

Ludum Dare 33

Theme: You are the Monster
SubTheme: Pluto
Goomba Simulator 2015

Ludum Dare 32

Theme: An Unconventional Weapon
Type Fighter

Ludum Dare 31

Theme: Entire Game on One Screen
SubTheme: ☃
Bar Orders of Magnitude

Ludum Dare 30

Theme: Connected Worlds
Prismatic Worlds

Ludum Dare 29

Theme: Beneath the Surface
Crustacean Farm

Ludum Dare 28

Theme: You only get one
One Ring

Ludum Dare 27

Theme: 10 Seconds
SubTheme: Tower Offence
Dragon Rescue

Ludum Dare 26

Theme: Minimalism
SubTheme: Potato
Golden Age